Happy hump day to all!!!

Here’a blogpost I made in response to my last “Dogma of the Week” providing an alternative to the damaging traditional “ab exercises” that many people do on a regular basis.

I’m a firm believer that humans are meant to train on their feet due to their biology being highly dependent on that factor.

A core exercise, nor any other exercise can me part of a functional training regimen if it doesn’t nurture the biological characteristics that a human demands to perform optimally.

In this video I cover three different types of abdominal activation.

1.) Piston Breathing– great for the development of the inner unit abdominal musculature responsible for holding the spine together internally. Without the Inner unit, specifically the transverse abdominis, our body would be flimsy and weak. This does not bear anything good either for the outer unit abdominal muscles that are highly dependent on the inner unit to function optimally.

2.) Plank– A static core exercise that is great for the development of the inner and outer unit musculature. It’s a basic exercise that I rarely, if ever, see done correctly. It’s definitely an essential if you’re looking to implement abdominal activation in your functional training regimen.

3.) Transverse Twist– As I have mentioned before, the transverse plane of motion is maybe the most functional of all planes of motion for human beings, so this is a must do and must master exercise. This exercise will stimulate the obliques to a high degree, giving you the abdominal stimulation you need to improve things like gait, punching, swimming, etc.

Something to take into context with the exercises just mentioned is that they will only functionally stimulate your abdominals effectively if you’re body is aligned to get proper core function. If you have a locked thoracic spine, or non-existent pelvic floor, it is virtually impossible to get functional activation. The core acts as an integrating system to the upper and lower body, but can only integrate if the upper and lower body are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

If you do not know whether your core is apt to contract, be sure to check out my “human foundations” series to ensure that you build the base necessary to getting your biology back in working order. Enjoy!!!