Functional Butt and Hamstring Workouts – Pendulum Squat

Here’s a squat variation to help you develop your glutes and hamstrings in a context that applies to real life. If you have followed me for a while and are familiar with how I train, you might notice I do not follow tradition very well, especially when it comes to how I train. I do not follow a program oriented around traditional lifts (bench pressess, deadlifts, backsquats, etc.). Although those were exercises I used in my origins as a fitness professional, as I transitioned into being an integrated movement practitioner I realized their benefit was minimal in regards to what you would actually use in reality. It is very easy to assume that a bench press or deadlift could apply to real life, but at the same time we also have to ask if improving that one exercise will also be detrimental in other functional movements. From my estimation, those types of traditional lifts will inhibit the function of many other types of movement humans do in reality. Ofcourse, if Functional Patterns was not available to me at this given moment, traditional lifts would be the way to go. However, since FP is available, I use exercises like the one in the video above.

The Pendulum Squat is a move I’ve been doing for the last 6 years and it’s at the foundation of progression for everyone I train. It trains the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, etc.) in a fully loaded range of motion, where as a deadlift only trains the posterior chain through the eccentric phase of movement. The swing created by the dumbbell acts as a force that will keep the pressure on the glutes for the times you would use them most in reality. Beyond developing the glutes and hamstrings in a functional context, the pendulum squat teaches you summation of forces, center of gravity, dynamic equilibrium and it can act as an aid to improve shoulder mobility coming over head. Although it’s fairly complicated, it’s a must have if you’re looking to move and feel better in this world for a long time.

I cover this technique in depth in my Training for Humans Workout System. Many ask me what my alternatives are for the traditional, and I typically just tell them to go to my youtube channel because I have many examples of an alternative. With that said, I go into an in depth analysis on the “Training for Humans” program and explain the fundamentals so that people have an awareness of how to execute the movements to their best ability. If you’re interested in mastering the alternative to the insanity sold in the fitness industry and finding a permanent solution for your fitness confusion, it is suggested you check out that set of videos.

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