Here is a video of an advanced circuit training workout I do with my Personal Training clients after they have mastered the fundamentals of proper movement.

Exercise Circuit:

  1. Two-weight Pendulum Squat

    This exercise is especially useful for building rhythm and balance along with explosive power of the Gluteus Maximus and lower abdominals. Do not lean back to get the weights up as it will put your lumbar in an overcompensated state.

  2. Sky Reach

    Fanstastic exercise for the core muscles as a whole. Absolutely imperative to utilize a good posterior tilt to prevent lumbar spine dysfunction.

  3. Rollback Standup Shoulder Press

    Very advanced exercise that will hit the body as a whole from head to toe. The key to success with this exercise is timing with movement and flexibility in the Quadriceps. Unless you have both of those things mastered I would not recommend this type exercise, otherwise it’s a major butt-kicker.

As a personal trainer/HMP, I have learned the importance of understanding that a smart progression must be taken into consideration when doing advanced workouts. If a body is out of alignment, its best to take a proper structural alignment regimen first to prevent further dysfunctions from being created. After the body is in alignment, these types workouts will be extremely beneficial for the body’s functional capabilities. Enjoy!!!