Here is a functional core training video of me taking you through a transverse chop with the Cablebar. As I have mentioned several times before, the transverse plane of motion is easily the most important to master if you want some gains out of your functional training regimen.

Doing a transverse plane movement with the cable bar is maybe the most effective way to work the transverse plane, because it involves the activation of both posterior oblique systems along with the anterior oblique systems simultaneously. In terms of physical movement in sports and most physical activities, these systems never shut off and are typically the main driving force behind a body’s dynamic capabilities. With a Cablebar, you involve the exact dynamics needed to improve performance for almost every sport or activity. If these two muscular systems can be integrated effectively in a functional training program, it’s likely that performance will increase tremendously.

If you decide you want to try this exercise, be sure that you get on a good structural re-alignment program so that you don’t ingrain dysfunctional movement patterns that will inevitably lead to injury. Perfect practice makes perfect, so even the most “functional” exercise can be damaging if it is not implemented intelligently.