We will now begin a new age in the Functional Patterns community! In previous years, we used to have “Master Certification Courses” that were interesting to do. After doing them for nearly 3 years and seeing the limitations of an 8 week program, I have decided to make our practitioner program a 2 year en-devour. Why? Simply put, I can’t fit in all the new information we are intaking in a 2 month course. I couldn’t before anyway, but now it will literally take over 2 years to truly understand the depth of what we are covering.

Our courses will be split up into 4 semesters. Each semester will come with an online course. This online course will be primarily the material we will cover in a 2 week in person course at some point. It will be your job to understand the theory as I describe it on video, and it will be my job to secure that you are applying the principles effectively. Depending on how well you apply the concepts and can showcase your results from the body of information you will take from Functional Patterns, you will be given a belt ranking. It will be similar to Jiu Jitsu. Your rank as a Functional Patterns “HUMAN BIOMECHANICS SPECIALIST” will be dependent on your ability to change human organisms. Ofcourse, there are levels of change we must look at. When you are enrolled, you will be informed on what those levels. I myself am not yet a blackbelt in my own system, so the expectations are very high.

I could give a description of what we will be covering in these courses, but so few would understand what the description even means, which is why I try not to describe it. If you go on our social media outlets or just browse this website, our results tell you the tale with regards to the effectiveness of what we do. Just know that if you go through the stressful process of learning FP, you will replicate those results on yourself and others. It’s like clockwork for us at FP nowadays.

PREREQUISITES FOR FP HUMAN BIOMECHANICS SPECIALIST COURSE: Must have completed a Human Foundations level 1 course.

Course Date and location: March 20-31st, 2017 at FP HQ in Seattle, WA

FOR REGISTRATION, E-mail: [email protected]

Space will be limited.

Live Intentionally, not habitually

Naudi Aguilar
CEO and Founder of Functional Patterns