On January 6th 2014, I will be starting the Functional Patterns Master Practitioner Certification course in San Diego, CA. In this certification curriculum, I will take you through everything you will need to know to become a leader of your own body and a leader in the fitness industry. I’m a firm believer in the “practice what you preach” approach to training so setting the tone with your own body will be key in fixing other people. While you are learning about the concepts to correct other people’s imbalances, you will be learning to correct the ones on your own body. Unlearning the old intuition and learning a proper intuition of movement will unlock a creativity in your brain you never thought existed. This is what happens with everyone that sets foot in my facility to train with me.

I do warn that this process will not be comfortable as massive change on several different levels will be instituted. I will however follow that by saying that if this program is followed through with 100% intentions to become better, you will have a body of knowledge decades ahead of what the best in the fitness industry have to offer today. After traveling the globe doing seminars, it’s clear to me that the fitness/wellness industry is way off in its approach to conditioning humans towards efficiency. Things are going to change and this course is going to round up the people who will be the front runners in that change.

Man I can’t wait for January!!!!

For more info visit: http://www.functionalpatterns.com/internships/

Live intentionally, not habitually,