Here is a testimonial from one of my favorite people on this entire planet. When I met John Sadler a few years back, I saw a man on a mission to get healthy and willing to do whatever it took to accomplish this goal. John had been in a car accident that led to problems within his cervical and lumbar spine. He had tried many different therapies to address his dysfunction and nothing seemed to be fully addressing his pain. When he approached me, his posture stood out immediately and it was something that I knew he needed help with. Many inefficient movement associations had been wired in due to the environmental influence his career as a mechanic was having on his body. Taking in the info of understanding where he was coming from environmentally, I set up a program to get John on the track towards mending his dysfunctions. Within a short amount of time, the corrections within his posture seemed to help him significantly.

Here’s the fully story!