As I have progressed as Holistic Movement Practitioner and Personal Trainer, it has become increasingly more important to keep my focal point on the basics. The same rules apply with all levels of personal training clients, professional and collegiate athletes included. In fact, the athlete is more inclined to have dysfunction if they learned improper form to begin with. All the repetitive dysfunctional movement patterns that are created to due lack of knowledge on the athlete’s and coach’s part, slowly wire the brain into imbalance. These imbalances are inevitably what lead to the end of careers due to poor performance and the inevitability of injuries. I can’t tell you how many times I have foretold the exact injuries that would occur in a pro fighter or athlete, after watching their strength training regimens destroy their body and their career in the process (I have people that will attest to it as well). The basics always need to be addressed to ensure that the innate bio-mechanics of the client are in a place to give them the sustainable foundation they need.

Here is a video of me working some basic movement with Kai. Kai was a track athlete that learned a heap of dysfunctional patterns in an attempt to improve her athleticism. This video contains the foundations I will be working on to align her back towards function once again. Shouts out to my brother, Jesus Aguilar, for giving some crucial input on cervical alignment while doing a Medicine Ball Slam. Enjoy :^)