Functional Training should re-enforce the functions YOU USE MOST IN YOUR LIFE as a priority. In this video I help Fady get back his walking and standing (two of the functions you do most in your life) after suffering from Transverse Militus. Fady was paralyzed in half his body and has yet to fully recover his movement. He’s been in in pain and has had discomfort moving for quite some time, until John Haddad (Owner at level 8 and soon owner at Functional Patterns Beirut) began employing the Functional Patterns Functional methodology on him. In this one session I got to work with Fady, I could see a tremendous difference in his mechanics and confidence improving from an intrinsic fear of falling. Slowly but surely, Fady’s body is changing and it’s awesome to see this progression in him!!! Great job John and Fady, you are doing great work out there!!!