Functional Patterns is going to Europe!

I will be heading out to Europe from September 15th until October 15th later this year. I have a couple seminars I will be doing out there during my stay. I can’t say how excited I am to visit that part of the world and share the information I have learned as an Integrated movement specialist.

In these seminars I will be covering the foundations of Human movement. In our world today, we live in a culture completely out of line with the foundations of what our human biology evolved into at it’s origins. For millions of years, we biologically adapted to an environment that made us apt to move. Specifically speaking, to move bipedally on two feet. In the natural world, our ability to make intelligent precise movement meant the difference between life and death. When stressful situations were presented to us, the body would react in movement to the stressors for survival. A few million years of doing that wires those movement patterns associated to stress into our DNA structures. If we analyze the culture of today, our story is much different. With recent technological changes, we have instituted adaptations to stress that are completely of keel with the realities presented to us in nature. Rather than react to stress with movement, we have reacted to stress in stagnation. With the progression of automobiles, computers, televisions as well as many other forms of technology, we have built a path of dysfunction that has oriented our biomechanics to a stagnant environment. This collision of culture and nature are the foundations of what is wrong with much of the human organism today. If we learn to overcome these foundationally rooted maladaptations to our natural lineage, we will finally address the root of most health problems and subsequently build a body that is healthy, strong and ready to move pain and injury free.

The system I utilize to condition a human body towards functionality takes the exact stress adaptations found in our culture today before instituting any physical activity. If we take an objective approach towards understanding the real roots of where these maladaptions are limiting our bodies, only then can we know where to take our efforts in an attempt to progress physically. The most important of all elements to being successful in anything in life is knowing where to start. Exercise and fitness is no different. In my seminars, I cover the specifics that few others do and will give you the base to ensure you know exactly what to do and what not to do. Direction is seemingly the most important element of maximizing ones potential. In these seminars, my plan is to institute a direction that will help you bridge the gap in counterbalancing our dysfunctional cultural environment, and eventually creating a body that is operating on it’s full physical potential.

At this stage I have 2 seminars booked, but I am definitely willing to do more if there is anyone out there that would like to host one. If you would like to set something up, please contact my manager [email protected] I hope to see you guys out there!