Functional Training with Diamondbacks Baseball Prospect Danny Moskovits

Been working with Diamondbacks baseball prospect, Danny Moskovits the last few weeks. He came in with some serious postural distortions, but bit by bit we have been dissecting them. It’s a slow process learning the basics of human movement initially, but this training runs on an exponential when the basics are mastered!

Initially, we had some serious issues just getting Danny to neutral, but that now seems to be taken care of for the most part.

Some scapular/ribcage/cervical asymmetries popped up that we needed to address and they for the most part are now gone.

Making some serious “gains” to Danny’s functional movement. The kid is dedicated to his craft and he wears it with his behavior everyday. We at FP are fortunate to have people like this pop in when they do. Great job brother!!!