Here is a functional TRX workout video for your Thursday morning! The TRX suspension trainer is an essential piece of equipment for any functional training arsenal, especially if you’re a person on the go.

A fair warning: the exercises on this video can be a bit difficult, so I advise getting on an effective structural alignment regimen beforehand to ensure you maximize your body’s efficiency through each movement.

These are the three TRX exercises that are covered in the video:

1.) Renegade Pushup – Very challenging exercise for functional core stability. It is quite a bit advanced and demands a great deal of stability in the scapulae and the abdominals, so be sure to progress yourself wisely in other prone position core exercises, before try this one out.

2.) TRX Pullup to Press- A TRX exercise that is very challenging on the Posterior Oblique System. Be sure to pull with your scapulae when you initiate the pull from the TRX, so that you effectively get that contralateral engagement of the Lats and the Gluteus Maximus together. If you feel it’s too advanced, I would recommend taking away the dumbell for this exercise.

3.) Commando- Yes. I know. Corny name. If you have a better idea for a name, please let me know 😉 With that said, this is a great TRX exercise for rotational abdominal strength. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine, thoracic extension and scapular retraction to ensure you get full effect from this exercise.