Today, I am going to cover how to release muscles on your lower leg to help correct foot and calve pain. Usually, these problems tend to be a simultaneous issue because of how interrelated the tissues on your feet are to your calves. The muscles on your lower leg are responsible for plantar flexion (pointing your toe away for the body) and there are a certain few muscles in that region that run all the way down to the bottom of your foot (Flexor Hallicus Longus, Flexor Digitorum Longus). Over stimulation of the musculature in the calves, often times, leads to cramping of the lower leg, followed by pain on the bottom of the foot. People with Plantar Fasciitis, often times, have this exact issue. Sitting at a desk for hours on end can also have profound effects on this issue because hip flexion (dysfunction caused by sitting) sets your weight distribution to the balls of your feet, leading to more activation from the posterior lower leg muscles. Those habits, mixed with wearing heels or shoes with elevated heels, along with many other dysfunctional patterns we do in our culture can compound the issue much deeper.

In this video, I cover a technique on how to help correct this imbalance. The tool of choice? The Theracane!