In today’s post, I am going to show you how to release one of the most influential muscles on neck pain and tension headaches, the Trapezius(specifically the upper Trapezius). The upper Trapezius is primarily responsible for scapular elevation(shrugging the neck). Excessive stressing, slumping and protracting of the neck while sitting at a desk are the usual causes of this imbalance. It has been an all too common occurrence finding this imbalance in pretty much all my clients. It is absolutely imperative to not allow the upper Trapezius tissues to get over developed. If they are over developed, they can be a real limiter to all the other smaller muscles in your neck trying to move your head, in turn creating that uncomfortable stiffness. Since they also attach to the occipital bone, they are highly responsible for the headaches that radiate from that region.

Here’s a video of me teaching you how to use a theracane to help correct this imbalance. Enjoy!