Hamstring and Glute Stretch – Retensioning The Posterior Chain

Are you hamstrings tight? Are they loose? Odds are, most people deal with one or the other. Literally everyone around the world employing FP clinically has come to the conclusion that people either are tight and restrictive or loose and hypermobile. No matter what they practice, be it yoga, pilates, crossfit, olympic lifting, bodybuidling, gymnastics, you will tend to find one of these two traits in people who move their body. These problems only become exacerbated as we get older. Why do these problems exist? Truthfully, I nor do my colleagues really know.

Some people think these two problems with human movement are emotional. Others think the adaptation to sitting is the culprit. Certain people speculate that a traumatic incident is responsible for most of their problems and that every other trauma is building on that one trauma. Simply put, no one knows. I myself think it’s a bit of all of these, along with many other variables, but what I have come to find out is that it really does not matter. If the tissues and the mechanics of a person are a certain way, mechanically, they can be changed with the right inputs of info.

In this video, I show you a technique that will give you the right kind of feedback to facilitate a better connection from your entire posterior chain. I’m talking the posterior chain not just being your calves, hamstrings and glutes. But also extending that into the erectors and lats. Ofcourse many would claim that a simple deadlift would do this, but there are fundamental differences here in this technique that differ substantially. Give it a try and let me know what you guys think!

Train Intentionally, not habitually,

Naudi Aguilar