Hip Stability – How to Improve Hip Pain and Discomfort

Tools we used for this video: Medicine Ball, FP Bands (BLACK – 1.3mm THICK) (BLUE – 1.5mm THICK);

Everyone these days in our industry seems to be detached with 4 dimensional approaches for 4 dimensional problems. When it comes to hip stability, this idea couldn’t be more accurate. Virtually all approaches in training today fail to account for the physical demands that life places on us on specifically. Consequently, people everywhere are needing hip surgeries.

Why are hip surgeries so prevalent? From my experience, it comes back to the hip strengthening not going far enough to prevent the surgery. Professionals everywhere are spending time re-enforcing the Gluteus Medius with miniband exercises, not recognizing that they are going to make the problem worse.

In this tutorial, I give a bit of perspective on this subject with a technique to help you move past your hip stability problems. It is a bit more complex than your average technique, but our techniques do display changes on things like hip stabilty on our before and afters. You will often see posture changes these days, but no one is stepping up to the plate on changing sprinting gait. Why? Because flawed systems can’t hid from the dreaded gait cycle.

Since the design of FP is highly driven by gait, you can rest easy knowing the free technique you get here will have some major carryover into your life! Please share it with your friends!

Naudi Aguilar

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