HOW TO – Addressing Knee Pain During the Lunge

Here’s a video of me addressing a very common and overlooked habit people have when they do their lunges. The lunge is one of the most important movements you can probably master. Main reason being that it replicates many scenarios you would find yourself in life. Whether it’s walking, sprinting, throwing, moving laterally, the lunge is an exercise that prepares you for those situations in reality. With a fitness population so gung ho on staying bilateral in their movement via squats, deadlifts, etc., the lunge is quickly becoming forgotten. There’s no escaping the benefits of the lunge, and it’s a movement that needs to be conditioned into your structure as a human.

If you are a person who gets knee pain when you perform exercises like a squat or a lunge, this is definitely a video to look at. In this video, I show you a feedback system you can institute in this exercise that will reprogram your lunge unconsciously. This technique will balance your movement and take pressure off of the knee joint. If you condition better function during this exercise, it’s quite likely that will have a transfer to your every day life.

Be sure to practice your MFR and basic posture before doing this technique. This kind of mechanical control can only come if you have a good understanding of how to use muscles like your Transverse Abdominis and your Diaphragm. If you are looking at addressing your structural deficiencies at their root, be sure to check out my book “The Power of Posture” (CLICK HERE)

Train intentionally, not habitually,