Happy hump day to all!

If there’s a commonality in people I have encountered in our culture, it is the issue of a poor structurally aligned body.

There are so many influences in our reality that influence us towards poor postural habits and there are very few methods of compensation for this phenomena. The biggest issue of all is how repetitive these poor postural influences are wired in.

We are stationary for several hours a day and we stress out repeatedly while we are sitting. It’s these influences that lead us to poor muscular structural associations.

Here is an instructional video that shows you an effective technique showing you how to improve posture. In this video I cover the release of the upper abdomen and explain the negative effects of having a tight abdomen. This is a direct response to the P90X blogpost I made a couple days back.

As I mentioned in that blogpost, P90X builds dysfunctions and the upper abdominals are one place that they ingrain more so than almost anywhere else in the body. The main type of exercise that creates this problem? Supine abdominal exercises. The technique in the video below will help shut off the imbalance created by P90X. Enjoy!!!