The frontal plane is an essential plane of motion that must be trained effectively. Along with transverse plane movements, the frontal plane is a highly neglected due to the learning curve involved when training it. Over the course of my career, I have irately witnessed trainer after trainer only covering sagittal plane exercises. Why do they only cover the sagittal plane? The sagittal plane is the easiest and least complex to teach of all 3 planes of motion. It’s much easier for a trainer give their client the instant gratification of a hard workout, doing what they know how to do already, rather than to take a step back and deal with the awkwardness of learning the other two planes of motion. Why is it important to take a step back and learn the other two planes? Most injuries in most sports are caused while moving in the transverse and/or frontal plane, so it is important to acclimate to these planes to prevent the injuries from occurring. If the body is prepared for the stimulus its more apt to adapt. Also, those other two planes of motion are absolutely important because of their functional application in all of our reality, be it if you were going to recover from tripping over something or if you were a wide receiver running a route to get past an opponent. The body is meant to work in all planes and if that is not catered to, imbalances of all types will occur within time. If the body is only acclimated to the sagittal plane, which is what the majority of training regimens primarily consist of, you’re going to be in trouble when you have to deal with the other planes in reality. It’s time to switch it up!!!

In this video, I teach you how to do a frontal plane exercise called a 222 with a Bosu. Before you kick the exercise into full gear, be sure to take it slow and intuitively figure out the proper bio-mechanics . Enjoy!!!