How to Release Your Quadriceps with a Medicine Ball

The Quadriceps are maybe the most significant compensating muscle-group when a person sits at a desk all day. Sitting continuously for many hours a day creates an over-development of hip flexion, which then leads to poor activation of the Gluteus Maximus. We must understand that if one major muscle-group isn’t working, other muscles have to bare the load, in this case, the compensating muscles are the Quadriceps. There are 4 parts to the Quadriceps, but there’s one specific area I want to talk about. This muscle is called the Rectus Femoris.

The Rectus Femoris Carries 2 actions, it extends the knee and flexes the hip. Since it does both of these actions, when it gets tight it can severely inhibit proper function from your hips (limiting the glutes) and knees (limits knee flexion). In most cases of an Anterior Pelvic Tilt, this muscle is one that is highly responsible for setting the dysfunction in place. For knee issues, it can be extremely dominant and can begin to pull on the patella to the point where it can create pain, which is usually the precursor to an ACL/MCL injury.

In this video, I cover how it is that I release the Quadriceps with a Medicine Ball. Enjoy 🙂


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  1. Richard King January 2, 2012 at 8:59 pm - Reply

    Thanks Naudi!
    You are doing a great service, a great work with this website! I’ve only looked at two of your videos so far, but have always had to teach myself these remedies you are teaching… Wondering if you already know everything I know? Have you tried tennisballs instead of lacross balls – the softness helps circulation of interstitial fluid and intra cellular “breathing”. Also, I have used a cue ball on a soft padded carpet because it will apply deep pressure and slide along the tissue surface which produces a very precise deep massage effect. Also, laying my back across a foam pool floatation tube at the mid back level on a hard surface, just below the shoulder blades and with just the weight of the upper chest – rocking side to side with with a little bit of sit up motion with arms wrapped so back muscles are stretched thin… this is remarkably effective for releasing/massaging the middle back muscles… There are a lot of people that could benifit from this! This also works well with a half roller, with less energetic motion because it is a harder surface.

    I’ll be back later to learn more from your site soon!

    Appreciative Cheers,
    Richard King

    PS – Would be happy to skype with you over any details if interested. Please accept my apologies if you already know this stuff! Hoping all the best for you with your work!

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