CEO and Founder of Functional Patterns, Naudi Aguilar
Functional Patterns Master Instructor, Jeremy Berumen
Functional Patterns Master Instructor, Joey Shank

Date: April 6th-10th 2015

Class Time: 9am – 3pm Monday-Friday
$1,200 USD if purchased before February 15th
$1,400 USD if purchased after February 15th

Prerequisites: A good level understanding of “The Power of Posture” by Naudi Aguilar. Most importantly, a mind ready to learn.

On April 3rd, we will be holding a Human Foundations level 1 certification in Sacramento, CA. In this intensive 5 day 30 hour course, you will be learning the foundational building blocks behind human movement efficiency.

With all the latest research indicating that humans are adapting to our cultural environment and sprout deficiencies as a result, addressing these problems has slowly crept up on the industry of health and wellness.

Fortunately at Functional Patterns, this research is nothing new to us and we have been working on this problem and getting dramatic results in the process. The changes are quite rapid too.

At Functional Patterns we care to uphold the highest standard in the industry of health and wellness, that’s why we focus on 1 week courses that are this intensive.

The subject matter of movement deficiency is not a light one, so therefore an aggressive approach focused and very fine details will need to be taken if we expect to see actual progressive change on a human organism.


Hope to see you guys there!!!