The latest in my functional training Human Performance Series!

This Human Performance video covers some of the most important elements you can have to improve athleticism for Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is arguably the most dynamic sport in the world. Since there is such a mix of fighting styles involved in MMA, it is absolutely essential to condition the body to become adaptable to these variables. This means that all the planes of motion involved in this sport need to be addressed if we expect to see improvements in performance, as well as a reduction in pain and injuries. This video will take you through exactly what you will need to know to make your body more adaptable to the random environments found in this complex sport.

This video will also be beneficial to just about any athlete in any sport as it does carry many functional applications outside of mixed martial arts.

*The human body is a holistic system that cannot have one thing without the other, so treating the body as one unit is absolutely essential. The human foundations video series is a culmination of an entire holistic systematic approach to correcting imbalance, so be sure to check out the rest of this series of videos.

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