Is Functional Patterns only for the MMA fighter?

Simple answer: NO

This is a question I have gotten several times from people since I’ve started this concept. From what I have been hearing, trainers interested in the Functional Patterns methodology generally get the “FP is only for fighters” response when they discuss things with other trainers. My whole purpose of this blogpost is to completely clear things up so that there are no misunderstandings, or excuses to dismiss the concept of FP.

As it is commonly known, the fitness industry seems to be one filled with ego and a narrow mindset. This is quite understandable under the context of how our world is organized around us. When a trainer is being paid to do what they do, they often times have to convince their clients that “they are the best trainer money can buy.” Or atleast that they are the best trainer in that gym. This is simply for the purpose of maintaining a relationship with their client, so that they can continue to make a living. Although this may seem completely off topic as to why Functional Patterns is not just for MMA fighters, it’s the foundational reasoning as to why a trainer or fitness enthusiast might not carry such an open mindset to such a logically based system. The point being that humans are not logical and they typically will prefer to maintain their position in life, so that they are not made obsolete in the future while continuing to make a living in this industry. This could be said about many different faulty fitness practices, but that’s another story for another day. Point being is if someone writes off FP that is passionate about fitness, it might threaten a current value that collides with FP.

When I mention “intrinsic core stabilization” or “anterior oblique system”, this applies for all people, NOT just fighters. If i say I am going to use a trigger point to release your tensor fascia latae to help reduce an anteriorly tilted and shifted pelvis, this does not apply to Mixed Martial Arts alone. I am certain this will carry applications for combat sports, but it applies to everyone that is a human walking on two feet, on planet Earth. Or maybe some of these trainers have discovered that some people might not be born with a Transverse Abdominis… In the video above I elaborate into deeper detail. Gotta get back to my training grind!

Think intentionally, not habitually,