Bad posture is a commonality I have found with almost every person I have encountered. It is an epidemic that has been spreading due to the influence from our stressful cultural environment. Every time we sit at a desk, drive a car, ride a bike, or even just think of something stressful, we stimulate neuro-pathways that are damaging to our posture. The worst part is that if you have been doing these things for a lifetime, the body internalizes these problems and ingrains them even further, leading to more imbalance. Often times, our own exercise regimens can exacerbate the development of poor posture (that will be a story for the future). Today I am going to show you a specific technique not commonly used in a popular corrective exercise for fixing posture.

The exercise? Prone Cobra.

The added technique? BREATHING.

The importance of breath is absolutely essential to the alignment of our posture. Our diaphragm is responsible not only for the expansion of our rib cage to open, but also for bringing our posture to an upright position. The diaphragm has an attachment point in the thoracic spine (middle back) that locks in your upper body to build the foundation for proper thoracic extension. Without utilizing the Diaphragm for extension in the thoracic, usually what happens is a muscular overcompensation in the lumbar (lower back). Since there is no base support in the mid back, the body has to recruit from elsewhere to accomplish the movement. If you have an anterior pelvic tilt (as most people do), this is only going to ingrain the imbalance even further.

Here’s a video of me showing you the proper way to do this exercise, so that we get the results desired in our posture. Enjoy 🙂