3 Kettlebell Swing Progressions

Happy Tuesday morning!!!

For this week’s video tutorial I decided to put up another Kettlebell workout routine. For this specific kettlebell workout, I wanted to show a few kettlebell swing variations to break up the monotony of Kettlebell training. It is too common to find Kettlebell enthusiasts utilize an increase in weight to implement progression into their training. I personally have found it much more beneficial to increase these exertion upon the kettle bells, turning the movements into multiplane exercises. The beauty of Kettlebell exercises working around explosive exertion with lighter weight is the forces challenge center of gravity, bringing about a major stimulation in the core musculature as well as the posterior change gluteal structures.

These Kettlebell exercises should only be done when the intrinsic core stabilization system is completely set in place first. Kettlebell training is fine and dandy only when the body is prepared for the dynamic environments.