Hello Everyone!

For this weeks video instructional workout video, I have decided to put up some Kettlebell total body exercises. The Kettlebell has grown on me through time and now it’s one of my favorite pieces of equipment to work with. Kettlebell training is very functional due to the fact that you are learning how to build summation of forces. So often it is seen that “functional training” systems never account for summation, even though it is maybe the most important aspect of any functional training system. It’s the momentum involved in kettlebell training that forces a person to have to address their inability to produce force in a functional manner.

With all things said, Kettlebell workouts can also be very damaging to your structural alignment if the proper protocols are not put together prior. So often I see fitness enthusiasts skip the foundations of intrinsic core stability only to inevitably build dysfunction around an already dysfunctional system. If you do plan on utilizing the exercises on the video below, be sure to do so only after you have address your “Human Foundations.” In my Human Foundations series, I cover all the intrinsic muscle stability needed to ensure that you won’t ingrain more dysfunction when you do more advanced movement. There is a blueprint that one must follow initially if they expect their body to truly get the benefit from their kettlebell regimens or functional training regimens. If the human foundations of intrinsic muscle stability is not set in place, it’s only a matter of time before pain and injury will creep up and keep you from doing kettlebell workouts like the one below.

If you do have your intrinsic systems in place, I assure you this Kettlebell exercise routine will kick start your workouts and really give you the physical challenge you’re looking for.