Here’s a video of me working some basic squat mechanics with Brandon Vera. The squat is an essential movement to transition towards functionality, specifically to transition functionality in the transverse plane of motion. Since squat and deadlift movements tend to be much easier than transverse plane movements, it is always a good idea to start in the sagittal plane before progressing to the transverse. Most injuries and movement deficiencies are are usually directly linked to poor transverse plane function. Transitioning into the transverse plane of motion will be essential to bringing Brandon’s body back to a more efficient capacity. Along this path I will also be taking Brandon through a hypertrophy phase to help him bump up weight, because we will be staying at heavyweight for his upcoming bouts. If you are looking to build mass in a functional context, I strongly urge you stay tuned for the workouts I’ll be posting up with him in the near future

I have been having more fun with my job more than ever, subsequently I am now learning techniques much faster than what I was doing in the past. Looking forward to sharing more of the experiences with you all. Thank you all for the support 🙂 Oh and great job Brandon, you’re the man brotha!!!