Acrobats and gymnasts are, by far, some of the most impressive athletes I have ever witnessed. Their grace, stability, technique and explosiveness are unparalleled. Not that I didn’t already have an appreciation for what they do, but after trying some of the basics in Chinese Pole Acrobatics, my appreciation increased immensely. I was fortunate enough to have Steve Gale from FOUR-CUBED.COM show me the ropes. After hearing him talk about the mechanics and physics of how the body is supposed to work while doing acrobatics, it became apparent to me that this stuff was more than just brute strength. Like most other physical activities, technique was the key to being successful in all of this. What an experience it was to have this guy break it down! Great job Steve!!!

Here is a video of the experience I had with Steve Gale at Imagination Entertainment headquarters. Check them out at

Enjoy!!! 🙂