Although we can’t separate anything in the body as being more important than the other, in terms of functionality, I might have to say breathing takes the cake. The consumption of oxygen cannot be underestimated, as it is one of the foundational building blocks to all of life. Everyday, I hear health professionals stress the importance of cardio-vascular training, resistance training, nutrition, hydration, along with many other aspects of fitness, but rarely do I every hear anyone stressing the importance of applying breathing into a functional training regimen. Think about it. How long can you live without exercising at all? Many live over 50 years. How long can we live without food or water? Around 1 to 2 weeks. How long can we live with out oxygen? About 5 minutes! It’s mind boggling how underestimated this aspect of training the human body is. Breathing might be the ultimate foundation that cannot be avoided under any circumstance if we expect to achieve results on a sustainable level. By utilizing breath effectively you can bring your body back to homeostasis, and allow for a proper balance to happen within your nervous system.

That means you will:

-Get better sleep
-Recover faster after workouts
-Manage stress
-Increase sexual function
-Improve Posture
-Improve cardio-vascular conditioning
-Stop cravings for starchy foods

The video below is the introduction to my full-length video on how to fix breathing dysfunction. Since our society today Since the problems with improper breathing are of a technical nature, learning the biomechanical functions of what may limit a full diaphragmatic breath are absolutely essential. It’s the mastery and understanding of the mechanics that will ensure a sustainable and efficient breath cycle.

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