It has been a while since I have made a full length video! Schedule and gym has been packed and it has really just been rough trying to find time to get it going. After getting e-mails over and over again from a certain few people ;), I decided to make time to put another one of these badboys together!

In this video I cover what I consider to be the most fundamental type of movement to master of all, the type of movement being gait.

There is no other type of movement that humans have been doing more than walking since a chimp got on two feet to walk from one tree to another roughly 3-4 million years ago. Walking and running are a part of our evolutionary lineage and cannot be ignored if we expect to achieve true functionality within our body. Since our current culture is filled with inactivity and stress, it is very easy to fall out of the foundations that give you an efficient gait cycle.

In order to correct the complex dysfunctions that ruin your gait biomechancis, you will need to be meticulous on many details not currently addressed in the health/wellness industry. In this video I show you the exact elements that will keep you from accomplishing this movement system effectively, in turn, giving you the foundation you will need to sustain a pain free and functional human body. Gait is the ultimate of all foundations and must be treated as such. Although many assume the way they walk is completely okay, I can tell you from experience that many of us are way off the mark, and it’s destroying our mechanical foundations in the process.

I have found that teaching people an effective gait cycle will immediately:

-Reduce joint pain (specifically the knees and lower back)
-Improve physical performance
-Improve muscular flexibility
-Reduce stress
-Improve rhythmic movement patterns
-Increase cardiovascular endurance

Whether I’m working with a pro athlete or an average joe, the mastery of gait is the turning point in achieving functional patterns within any human body.

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Video Length: 1:11:46