“It’s not the practice, it’s the practitioner”

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Chiropractic care, but the quote just mentioned is one I always keep in mind before making a definitive judgement on any health practitioner. Like Chiropractic, Personal Training has taken its share of lashings because of the many who don’t take their job all that seriously. Often times, I have found people to have preconceived notions upon what I do as a Personal Trainer, due to what they see on a show like “The Biggest Loser.” We must always keep an open mind to the practitioners taking the sincerely passionate approach to helping society attain better health. With Dr. Pietrek, of Pietrek Spinal Care in Rancho Bernardo, I can see that helping people is of utmost priority in his practice. Beyond that, the man gets some serious results.

Dr. Pietrek does a type of spinal treatment called the NUCCA method. In this method, his primary focus is specified on the C1 vertebrae. It’s usually physical dysfunction created by injury or cultural influence that will bring about imbalances that will displace the C1 vertebrae. This is a crucial area as it is the point in which your brain initiates communication with the rest of your body. If the brain can’t communicate with the body, an assortment of neurologically influenced problems will certainly arise. Once this method is applied correctly, the self healing process the body is supposed to have already will kick in to full gear and restore balance.

Since this is such a difficult area to get to, soft tissue work like Myofascial Release and Stretching may only go so far in addressing C1 problems. This is why I refer my clients to see Dr. Pietrek. After my clients have been re-aligned with the NUCCA method, their balance, coordination and pain levels have significantly improved. I have personally had Dr. Pietrek work with me in the last few weeks and the biggest difference I have noticed is my body’s capability of adapting its center of gravity (standing on a Swiss ball has never been so easy :)). I also like the fact that he doesn’t do the tradition “cracking” or “popping” of joints in his adjustments. The gentle precision in his adjustments are mind blowing when you consider the little force placed on your body. I would personally recommend Dr. Pietrek as well as the NUCCA method to anyone living in our imbalanced culture environment.

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