Restructuring a Hinge/Deadlift On A Grappling Dummy

Here are some results I recently got with my client Mariko.

She came to me with lower back problems that have bothered her since she was 12 years old.

As her dysfunctions around that back problem got more deeply ingrained, she began to notice shoulder, ankle and hip problems.

Thus far, she rarely complains about pain anymore.

As of now, she is putting her body through more physical activity and the pains are no longer plaguing her.

We are making progress on multiple levels without using anything outside of Functional Patterns techniques.

We will showcase some tremendous changes in her gait cycle as well moving forward.

Posterior Running Technique Improvements by HBS Jack Soneson

Here are some great running technique results from Human Biomechanics Specialist, Jack Soneson.

These kinds of results are seriously hard to get.

Gait cycle comparison from a 5 day intensive of Functional Patterns training.

Both were recorded at 12.0 mph.

From flaccid and compressed to springing and slinging.

Improved myofascial force transmission and tensegrity.

Decreased vertical and lateral compression.