Personal Training Session- Correcting Asymmetry and Anterior Pelvic Tilt with Tony

Here’s a video of me working with one of the most dedicated clients I have had in a while. Tony came in with some hip pain and a strange limp that came along with it. After a few weeks of working on proper gluteal, transverse abdominus and anterior oblique system function, the pain and limp has been addressed. At this point in our personal training, we are maybe only 1 step beyond the pain phase. My ultimate goal with everyone I work with is to structurally get them to a point where we are 5 steps ahead of pain, to a point where we are so structurally aligned that pain and injury will be completely irrelevant. The way we are going to accomplish that is to neurologically restructure the way the brain and body associate movement in reality. Not an easy task, but I can see the change happening every time I see this guy. Great work Tony!!!



  1. Kemo Marriott April 19, 2012 at 7:54 am - Reply


    So are these planks/isometric stance holds with the waist band a way to add load and further promote isometric holds. Also I am studying your videos in conjunction with some other sources…do you ever implement MFR on the adductors to correct an asymmetric weight shift as these muscles are surely to be overactive in such a scenario.
    Here in England I have a client who is a professional rugby player and suffers from a range of dysfunctions due to a number of factors- specific demands of his position, playing through pain- common causes of dysfunctional patterns in athletes. I would love to video and post some of our sessions and have you tagged seeing as I’ve learnt some of the correx strategies from you if that’s cool?
    Great stuff as always…


    • Naudi April 19, 2012 at 8:14 am - Reply

      It’s usually all dependent on where his body is at the moment. If the hips are externally rotated it may mean that an adductor release may not be the best option for correcting these imbalances, as it may elongate tissues that don’t need it any further. From what I have found atleast 90 percent of the people I have met have an external hip rotation. As of late, I have primarily been focusing on getting the adductors and internal hip rotators to fire so that the gluteus maximus will not begin to work on external rotation, but rather hip extension. The problem is that many do not know how to operate these muscles in integration. If you put of video up, I could definitely give you some feedback and hopefully give you some more clarity on what may be needed. Thank you for the support Kemo 🙂

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