Glute and Posterior Oblique Sling Training| Fixing Lower Back Pain and Piriformis Syndrome

In this video, I break down an exercise using an FP band feedback and dumbbell row. This technique will help to strengthen the connection of your core and legs via the “posterior oblique sling” system. Please reshare it guys. Our industry leaders would love nothing more than to see info like this get swept under the rug. Info that is better than what you see in fitness expos that people pay money for. This info is for free. If you want to see it continue to be free, I can only do this if you all do your best to spread the word.

FP is doing the right things. People deserve the right things. People should also support the right things. Do the right thing. Show this to your friends so they don’t end up “getting old” one day and give up on life. Don’t allow yourself or others to be a burden on society. Help them get moving again so they can get back to work!

Think intentionally, not habitually,

Naudi Aguilar

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