Rotational Abdominal Exercises with a Weighted Club


Here’s a Club routine you can throw into your functional training program. Weighted Clubs are a fantastic tool to implement if you are trying institute rotation into your movement. Although it is a bit challenging to maneuver this tool initially, once you get the hang of it it will do wonders for your strength and functional flexibility in the upper body.

As a reminder, if you are yet to do work on your posture, it is not recommended to do these types of exercises. Exercising a body dynamically with no base will only lead to bigger problems later on down the road. When too much restriction is present in your body (via fascia/neuromuscular distortion), that internal battle will only compound the deficiencies which could lead to an injury in the future. My book “The Power of Posture” is a great resource to start if you are looking to understand what I mean in deeper detail.

Train intentionally,
not habitually,