Here’s yet another technique showing you guys how to actively engage your shoulder muscles to improve your posture.

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Naudi Aguilar

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Transcript: Rounded Shoulders: How To Fix Rounded Shoulders

Today I’m going to help you guys address a shoulder internal rotation. Do you have gorilla arms? I’m going to try and help you out with that.

By the way, I’m Naudi Aguilar of Functional Patterns, and this is going to be yet another very useful tutorial for you. We’re going to be using a feedback mechanism to help us address that internal rotation.

Now, it’s especially important to consider again, these active components when it comes to your training. When you’re doing all the myofascial release, all the release work of the pec, that does tend to promote an external rotation, but oftentimes when you’re doing that external rotation, you have to ask yourself, “Are the external rotators actually facilitating that or is that a compensated external rotation? Is that a compensated scapula retraction?” If it is, you’re going to have some problems (Rounded Shoulders: How To Fix Rounded Shoulders).

What I’m going to try to do today is help you with that excessive internal rotation of the shoulder via the uses of this band. Very simply, all we’re going to do is take the right arm there, bring it all the way around the ribcage, underneath the armpit. Okay. I’m going to bring this arm right over, wrap it around like so until I eventually get this bad boy on my thumb (Rounded Shoulders: How To Fix Rounded Shoulders). Actually, I’m going to probably wrap that around one more time. Again, you guys can, depending on how big your arms are … If you’re somebody who’s sporting a gun show, you’ll probably have to wrap it around less, but if you’re a guy like me who doesn’t have the biggest arms, you may have to wrap it around a few more times. But you guys can see right there, I have an internal rotation on my shoulder. All I have to do is say, “Okay, if this is internally rotating me, what do I do?”

I battle that, and now I have an active form of external humerus rotation and a great way to correct that dysfunction on your body. Okay? Pretty simple. Bring it on this shoulder, behind you, underneath the armpit, wrap the band this way, place it on the thumb, and you’re ready to rock.

I hope you guys enjoyed that video. Please share it with your friends. If you decide to post it on Instagram or social media, we would really appreciate a #FunctionalPatterns. There’s a lot of plagiarizing going on of Functional Pattern material. I’d like to keep sharing this with you guys, but this is my last straw, guys. After this, I may not share any more instructional videos because people don’t seem to be wanting to share the love and let people know where they’re getting their information from (Rounded Shoulders: How To Fix Rounded Shoulders).

Like I said, it takes a great deal of testicular fortitude to deal with what I’ve had to do because I’ve been called crazy for the majority of my career. Now, it’s starting to come around the other way. I think people are recognizing the work of Functional Patterns privately, but they’re not doing it publicly, and if it’s not going to happen publicly, unfortunately, I will not be able to make these videos anymore.

I may downsize the company or figure something else out with my life, but this is pretty much going to be my last straw. I’m giving you guys great information, all I ask is that you guys, if you do share or if you do repost it on social media, you just type in #FunctionalPatterns or you tag @FunctionalPatterns to show that you’re tagging and that you’re trying to support this new movement in training that’s helping a lot of people, which is, at the end of the day, why I got into this in the first place (Rounded Shoulders: How To Fix Rounded Shoulders). To help myself, and then to extend my fortunes to other people.

Any help that you guys give, I am really, really grateful for, and I will make sure that I reciprocate that with more instructional videos for you. Just like my humerus should posterolaterally reciprocate with my leg, I think we should reciprocate one another as human beings to ensure that we can keep this functional machine rolling (Rounded Shoulders: How To Fix Rounded Shoulders).

Hope you’re all well. Take care. Bye.