Steel Mace Workout | For BEGINNERS

Steel Mace Workout | For BEGINNERS
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Here’s a great tutorial to help you build better thoracic and hip rotation.

The Steel Mace is a tool not commonly known, but definitely should be.

In this video, Certified Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialist, John Nielson showcases some basic variations of movement with this tool to get you up and running.

Be sure to tune in for more videos in the future, because they are certainly coming!


Johnny Nielson:
Aloha Johnny here with functional patterns. In today’s video, I’m going to take you through our basic level mace club swing progression that we do here functional patterns. Typically, you’ll see with most mace training, a lot of excessive arm motion, but very little of that being integrated with the rib cage or the lower body.

So the goal with today’s progression is going to be to do just that, I’m going to be using a steel mace here, you could use a baseball bat, a sledgehammer, whatever you have available to you, you’re going to take a bilateral stance, and from there, you’re just going to create a pendulum motion to swing back and forth with the club or the mace here. And you’re going to see all I’m doing a elbow flexion and extension on each, each side, you guys will see that I right elbow goes up, left elbow goes up, okay, that allows you to actually swing the mace without hitting the floor or your feet.

Now once you have this down, you’re actually going to start rotating your trunk with that swing, you guys can see the difference here, if I don’t rotate, it’s going to look like this. Right, you’re going to see some pop by action where I’m just moving my arms back and forth, I want you to get this swing down and then actually start to rotate with it.

Continuing on from a lateral view, you’re going to keep that pendulum swing going. And from here, you’re going to hold yourself in a trunk rotation and actually let the mace swing back in the opposite direction. From here, I’m going to use my arms to pull myself into a rotation, club swing, pull myself into a rotation show you guys from answer review again.

So building off of that pendulum swing, I’m going to go here, rotate to one side, but the club in the arm swing, rotate to the other side, club and arm swing, rotate. Okay, now as I go here, you guys have noticed that I’m landing with the club neutral, you don’t want to be landing off axis, you don’t want this thing to swing back and hit you. You don’t want it falling forward.

So you have to make sure you engage that arm flexion on that rotation towards the club. Okay, another thing when you rotate, don’t land with your lower body all contorted in all kinds of ways. Again, that comes in hand with keeping the upper body and the club neutral, but just be aware of that as you do it a couple more times.

I can keep my head fixated towards you guys, and just drive that trunk rotation on top of my lower body. Okay, now this is setting up. The more complex FP club movements that we do this is ground zero to applying those progressions. Hope you guys liked this video, there will be more in the future. And in the meantime, if you guys want to get your club training going, find yourself an FP practitioner in your area. Stay tuned for more videos. This is Johnny. Live intentionally not habitually.