Striking Biomechanics Course with Jhanex Alviz and Naudi Aguilar

In mid April 2017, Jhanex Alviz and Naudi Aguilar will be holding seminars in London, Belgium, and Sweden.  These 2 day courses will break down the blueprint to effective striking for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.  Jhanex Alviz has fought and coached professionally for over 30 years.  His approach to the human body and it’s adaptations to the fight world are like no other.  Essentially, he has decoded human movement in a fighting context.  Nothing short of genius.

This is not a course to be missed as it will not be your traditional way of approaching striking.  Instead of telling you to throw certain combinations that may seem effective, what we do is teach you the proper engagement of muscle structures to ensure the combination you throw are effective.  If you lack speed, control, power, and movement overall in your ability to fight, this a must.  If you want to move like a world class striker in MMA or k1, or if you are trying to find out what it means to effectively use your anterior oblique and posterior oblique slings in an applied setting, this is a must attend course.  Whether you are a beginner in your quest to move well or a pro, there are principles that all athletes must respect.  In this course you will understand these unknown principles that no one else is teaching in the game today.

Belgium, April 15-16th
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London and Sweden
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