Bryan Wither

What HAVEN’T I gained from following Functional Patterns? The Human Foundations series helped me address nagging pain in my lower back and shoulders that I thought I just had to live with. The training videos have expanded my exercise repertoire exponentially, but more importantly they’ve taught me HOW TO THINK about how to train for Judo and utilize transverse and frontal plane movement to strengthen myself and my teammates.



I improved my posture, got rid of my back pain, which I had for a couple years just by doing bridges and stretches which I learned on functional patterns, I have continued to do the exercises and my pain has not come back. The myoskeletal guy that I go to says that my posture has improved tremendously and my body is much straighter. I learned that posture is very important, good posture will prevent a lot of injuries. I will keep watching for ways to improve my posture and function. THANKS Naudi[divider]

Abel Almeida

The work you do has set the golden standard for me, also the trigger point therapy stuff you show is the best keep up the good work!![divider]

Shane Oneill

Functional patterns has improved my overall fit,in terms of strenght flexabilty and my cario vascular and breathing.thank you for all your help,keep up the good work, go raibh mile maith agut from ireland.[divider]

David Monahan

Naudi, I started following you a few months ago and it your training style has opened my eyes. I have been training the general public and athletes for 10 years and your philosophy is just what I have been missing. I always trained my clients from the inside out and train them through all planes of motion. Your pendulum movements a revolutionary. I have added a great deal of postural analysis and correction with my clients and myself personally. Thank you all your advice.[divider]


Functional Patterns is a refreshing change to a sea of ambiguity and contradiction in the training world. It’s great to see new movements and techniques for my TRX & kettle bells, and learning more about methods for training the different sling systems. As a triathlon coach its great to be able to use these functional approaches with my athletes. I’m also personally a big fan off the barbell anterior & posterior oblique sling workout, always gets people looking in the gym.[divider]

Jared Holtzhausen

The Functional Patterns’ message which resonates with me is that which says, in order for us to live a life full of health, vitality, mobility, strength or however way you want to describe it we need to get our bodies into a state that is balanced and natural. Again, great work Naudi! I wish more trainers would follow your lead. I see it too often where personal trainers are instructing their clients to do exercises which is going to cause more dysfunction than good.[divider]


When I started College, I became a walk-on athlete on the division I men’s tennis team. Having that drive to match the level of intensity that was required and grasp the opportunity to be part of something I never though I’d have the chance to do, Functional Patterns embodied my desire to push myself and be as efficient as possible in everything that I do, taking no shortcuts. It is because of Functional patterns that I am now the captain of my team and part of the starting line up.[divider]

Brian Nielson

Functional Patterns offers the most innovative muscular strength and conditioning training available on YouTube. I use Naudi’s movements in almost all of my MMA conditioning routines, which you can see in my MMA Conditioning playlist. I also link to the Functional Patterns channel in the video descriptions when I use those movements.[divider]

Kristiyan Belchev

When I had no more ideas about fixing my shoulder and making it more durable, functional patterns ressurected me.I fixed my shoulder and my posture, uderstood the importance of myofascial release and started applying it every day. Understood further the logic of human body movement and was able to fully complete the cycle eating-training-relaxation. Changed the way I think about movement and training and I feel a better person ever since!I would never train the way I did before!Made me thinkmore[divider]


Functional Patterns to me is in its own dimension. A new unique method of building the body with all the systems integrated. This is what Functional Patterns is to me. Brings motivation and inspiration to my blood.[divider]


Thanks Naudi, Up here in Alaska, I get comments on my workouts, (one guy asked if it was some kind of Ninja workout lol), its all Functional Patterns brother, your vids have made a difference in every way, Thanks I always strive to live intentionally not habitually !!![divider]


Just when I thought your workouts could not possibly get more inspiring and creative, you prove me wrong. Amazing job, Naudi, thanks for your help and inspiration brother !