Hello everyone and welcome to the latest instillation of the Dogma of the Week.

The topic I have decided to talk about today will be covering Spin Class. Spin classes happen to be one of the most popular of all forms of exercise in existence today, and they also happen to be one of the most damaging of all forms of exercise.

Although I could go into the reasoning as to why they are so popular (another DOTW in the near future), I would rather just go into a few problems I have encountered with clients that regularly did spin class in recent years.

If we analyze the biomechanics of what is happening when a person is on a spin bike, it’s relatively easy to see that it bears a similarity to that of a person who is sitting at a desk. If anything, it’s a more exaggerated version, with more pronounced ranges of motion, than that of a person in a desk. Why is this detrimental? As I have mentioned several times before, wiring in a seated position into your biomechanical structure goes directly against the biology of what it is to be a human being. There are certain integrated movement patterns the body needs to go through in order to sustain balance, and seated positions are at the root of the imbalances created by our cultural. This puts spin class in that same category, only that second for second, it carries more detriment to the human body than regular seated positions.

The worst part about spin is the implementation of intensity while you are in a seated position. When you’re sitting doing nothing at a desk, it is required that time takes it’s course to develop the imbalances of hip flexion, thoracic flexion, external hip rotation, etc… With spin, not only are you in the seated position, but you’re activating the musculature responsible for creating most of the imbalances mentioned prior. That means you will speed up the process of dysfunction in the body through the use of improper muscular activations happening at an extreme level. Couple that with the sitting you already do at work, and you have yourself a recipe for a complete disaster.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what spin class could do to your body. Since I am not one to complain and not propose alternatives, here is a video to help you get your body back to it’s biomechanically balanced position. Enjoy :^)