The Dogma of the Week – Is P90X healthy?

Happy Monday fitness land and welcome to the latest instillation of “The Dogma of the Week”

The topic for this blogpost will be about the damaging effects from the P90X exercise system. Although there are several things I could discuss about this system, I’m going to keep the topic more oriented about human structural integration.

A few years back I saw a P90X infomercial on working out that was very well put together. When I watched this infomercial, I knew this thing was going to be the next big thing in the fitness industry. It’s sales pitch was top notch, with testimonials of people getting ripped along with the “methodology” on how you would get there IN JUST 90 DAYS. It mentioned things like “muscular confusion” and based it’s modality around that principle (highly flawed theory).

The bottom line was, this was a very well presented package and the punch lines and buzz words for getting a person to buy into this almost made me want to grab my phone and order this thing myself. Before I could take that leap, I realized it was on TV (very few things are ever good for you on tv) and at that point in my career I was lucky enough to have a body of knowledge to shut off the impulses making me want to order P90X. With that said, this was only what I saw on the infomercial that turned me off and I can’t say I really gave it a fair shake.

Recently, I started training a client who gave me the entire dvd package so then I could make a clear and objective analysis on P90X. After spending several hours shaking my head at the poor organization and mindless lack of intent for human physical sustainability, I quickly realized that my intuitions about P90X were completely spot on.

It seemed to be geared towards creativity without any real function or application on improving how the body works in our reality. There was very little emphasis on education and more on making you tired very quickly, without thinking of the further consequences that lay ahead..

One of the biggest problems I have with P90X is the failure to understand that all humans have a foundation in which they have to work off of in order to get results and achieve them in a sustainable manner. Our structure, at a most basic point, could be compared to that of a house. When I was 18, I learned a valuable lesson when I had spent my summer of that year helping my parents build the foundation to their home.

I learned that we needed to flatten out the ground that it was going to be on and ensure that it was going to be level. I learned that the footings had to be in proper place and that there was no room for error, otherwise it could lead to major problems later when building the rest of the house. The lesson learned: the house needed a strong foundation to be built upon, especially if we didn’t want it to topple over in the next few decades. The human body operates in the exact same fashion. If it has no foundation built into it and then you decide to do some wicked crazy exercises while the foundation is shot, something is bound to structurally fall apart. This is one of the many places in which P90X is so damaging.

P90X completely ignores the notions that a human body has a foundation. There is no mention of inner unit core system activation, pelvic floor dysfunction, or a dormant diaphragm that will inhibit proper motor control within the body. It is this failure to recognize these foundational base points that renders P90X as an obsolete exercise system.

Here is a video of me breaking down P90X. Enjoy!!!



  1. eric August 21, 2012 at 9:31 am - Reply

    First, I would like to say thanks for all the great video you have posted up ! I was just wondering in your opinion on cross fit. I’ve been hearing a lot of things about gross fit and its growing exponentially, whats your intake on cross fit? the pros and cons .


  2. Marshall April 7, 2014 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    Long time viewer, first time commenter.

    I decided to break my silence to say: Wow, this is so awesome. I was literally looking through your Youtube channel for something like this just yesterday!

    I ended up watching this one, and this more recent one, which are both great & innovative.

    I have your whole Human Performance series and love all your videos (free & paid).

    I just wanted to thank you for the work you do incorporating & explaining contralateral / transverse plane exercises. Especially since I am a kettlebell junkie, vids like today’s are some of my favorite fitness videos *anybody* puts out (and I watch a lot of them).

    Today’s video is on one topic where Naudi, you stand almost alone! I am sure your influence is helping to change this, but I can’t believe how much emphasis is still put on strictly saggital plane workout plans. I’d rather not imagine how many (serious!?) injuries this must lead to as well…

    When it comes to functional, athletic training, stability, mobility, and power on the transverse plane seem to be *THE* critical factor. I am sure you are saving a lot of knees, low-backs, shoulders, and more by the work you’re doing with videos like this, and your Functional Patterns approach in general.

    Thanks again for all the great information, so openly shared Mr. Naudi Aguilar!!!


    PS – I would definitely buy any video set you put out that focuses on a comprehensive approach to incorporating more transverse plane movements (sort of what like a compilation of what you put on the Youtube channel, but all organized into a more comprehensive plan).

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