THE KETOGENIC DIET PART 1 with Kariem Mahmoud

Kariem Mahmoud breaks down the basics of a Ketogenic diet from the ground up. This is a golden lecture by him and a must see if you are confused about what you’re eating and why it may or may not serve your body.

The official definition of ketogenic diet is to eat 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs of your daily caloric intake. If people do this for about 2weeks their body shift into ketosis. But thats just scratching the surface. The types of fats, proteins, carbs and micronutrients people choose determines the health benefits of a ketogenic diet.

We can compare it to the term ‘functional training’. What does fuctional mean? Everybody whos familar with biomechanics and movement agrees that functional training is the better for the body than straight weightlifting. With that said, Crossfit and Functional Patterns are listed under the name ‘functional training’. Clearly they are not the same thing. Crossfit is destructive to human biology in the same way as a ketogenic diet can be destructive to your health and gut if you’ll eat the wrong kinds of food.

Functional Patterns tries to give you an approach to why and how to use ketosis and nutrition in a way that it benefits your health, performance and the society around you.