Top 10 Most Watched Functional Patterns Videos - October 2017 - Functional Patterns

Top 10 Most Watched Functional Patterns Videos – October 2017 2017-11-19T22:11:44+00:00

1) Core Training Exercises – Conditioning the Posterior Oblique Sling

Here is a core exercise that also trains the posterior oblique sling. The posterior oblique sling is the powerhouse behind most unilateral movements in reality… [CONTINUE READING]

2) “Knee Strengthening” – How do I Eliminate my Knee Pain?

A common approach I have seen for “knee strengthening” usually involves some kind of stability training in areas proximal to the knee or hip joint… [CONTINUE READING]

3) Thomas Myers – Why does Massage Hurt?

Thomas Myers from Anatomy Trains breaks down why massage (myofascial release therapy), exercise or any forms of structural integration therapy hurts… [CONTINUE READING]

4) Four Techniques To Correct A Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Although it is a rare, I have come across a few people in my career who had a Posterior Pelvic Tilt. This imbalance, like an Anterior Pelvic Tilt, can be created when sitting at a desk all day long…. [CONTINUE READING]

5) Knee Problems – Correcting a Knee Valgus for the Long Term

Still using Glute Medius activations to correct a knee valgus? How about trying to strengthen the Vastus Medialis for a knee valgus? If you are, you might not be thinking far enough to actually make a noticeable improvement of this common problem in dynamic contexts. In fact, you might be further ingraining imbalances by loading areas that do not respect the fascia connections helping you sling your way through this reality… [CONTINUE READING]

6) DOTW – Crossfit: The Destruction of Human Biomechanics

The topic of this week will be covering the damaging effects of Crossfit on human biomechanics. As many know of me already, I’m strongly against the training methodology that is Crossfit. It is completely dysfunctional and has no purpose being in anyway involved with the general population that does not care for competition… [CONTINUE READING]

7) Functional Leg Exercises – Lateral Bosu Ball Glute Workout

Here is yet another video tutorial to show you how to improve your lateral explosiveness. If you are looking for a leg/total body exercise to get your weeks started, this is one to give a try. Be mindful that if you have not addressed your foundational movement problems, that this exercise could have potential counter indications… [CONTINUE READING]

8) How To Fix Knee Valgus – Functional Leg Training

In this video, FP founder Naudi Aguilar breaks down a technique to help correct knee valgus or internal femur rotation. The typical way of addressing this dyfunction is usually done via some sort of squat or banded external rotation… [CONTINUE READING]

9) Extreme Medicine Ball Workouts

For this weeks video tutorial I put my medicine ball and wall to use. Medicine Ball training is one of my favorites as they really do help develop functional strength in a dynamic context… [CONTINUE READING]

10) Lower Back Pain After Squats – Active Spinal Decompression

Here are some strategies to help you deal with lower back pain after doing squats. Barbell squats and back pain are typically associated because barbells tend to put vertical pressure on the spine… [CONTINUE READING]