Although bodybuilding workouts aren’t necessarily my cup of tea anymore (bodybuilding was where it all started for me), I will say there is some practical benefit that comes from attempting isolated lifts, specifically, exercising the muscles near the thoracic spine. Since we are in such a stationary culture that sits way too frequently, the thoracic spine (upper back) is one of the places that takes the brunt of those dysfunctional daily habits. I have found that the thoracic spine is usually the key to a healthy, pain free neck and shoulders. The neck and shoulders are completely dependent on how strong the foundation is setup in the thoracic region. If the thoracic rounds, that usually leads to inward rotation of the shoulders and a forward head posture. Addressing issues in the thoracic region cannot be under-emphasized. The proper motor recruitment and articulation of thoracic spine is usually the last link in the functional chain for most of my personal training clients. I have found several ways to get the thoracic stimulated, but am still yet to find anything better than going back to some old school bodybuilding exercises. These exercises will not only develop a strong upper back, but will also ensure a neutral posture in the upper body. Posture is essential in any functional training regimen, and a body without a strong upper back will not perform optimally in most environments.

In this video, I decided to take some old school movements and work them with some new school tools. The tools you will see me using in this video are:


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I must say these pieces of equipment are nothing short of spectacular. I have to thank Trakfitness for putting together these marvels of engineering. Great job guys!!! 🙂