Upper Body Workout – Exercising The Shoulders And Obliques Together

Want to train rotation without making you hyper-mobile? Although the term hypermobility shouldn’t be a bad word, it actually is relative to how it is trained currently. If we relate this to the video above, most people either have no mobility in their T-spine for rotation, or way too much. The analysis of each one of these dysfunctions can clearly be seen on a persons walking and running. It is quite rare to find a person who does not possess one of these aspects of dysfunction present in their structure. Every human packs some kind of dysfunction from adapting to this culture. It takes a really precise approach to rid ourselves of these maladaptations.

If you want to mobilize your T-spine in a way that does not exacerbate your current dysfunctions, this will be an exercise to master. It is great for developing the connection between the muscles of your shoulder and your core.

Train intentionally, not habitually,

Naudi Aguilar