Workout Videos- Bosu Ball Core Exercises

Happy Monday everyone!!!

The Bosu Ball is one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use in my functional training regimen. Asymmetries are often found in people in our culture as a result of there being a weak core stabilization system. The Bosu Ball is a great tool for creating a balancing effect to asymmetrical weight shifts. Whenever we put our feet to stabilize on the Bosu Ball, automatically the body has to adjust to find balance by equally placing pressure on each foot. If I was to have someone do a squat on a Bosu Ball, it is very likely they would have to center themselves to do the exercise with equal weight distribution, otherwise they would fall off of the Bosu. If I didn’t do it with a Bosu during a squat, the body would likely choose to distribute weight on one side of the body over the other as an innate reaction. Although asymmetries are of a complicated nature, the Bosu Ball is a great tool to help us transition into balance.

*Note- Stability training will only be effective if a good foundation has been set up in the intrinsic core stabilization system first. If this has not been administered prior, it is not recommended to do a Bosu Ball routine like the one on this video.