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Functional Patterns: Exercise/Workout Video Tutorials, Pain Free Movement, Muscular Development, Bodyfat Reduction, High Performance, Cognitive Enhancement.

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Functional Patterns

  • Pain Free Movement

  • Muscular Development

  • Bodyfat Reduction

  • High Performance

  • Cognitive Enhancement

Functional Patterns: Naudi Aguilar

At Functional Patterns, the way people feel is very important to us.

Through placebo however, people can be convince they are feeling better, even when nothing has changed.

A long time ago, we realized that in order for a person to fully believe that our system works, we would have to showcase a change that came along with those better feelings.

In the pictures and videos on this page, you will see why we are at a level no one else in this industry can keep up with.

We keep pushing the envelope until we reach a point where we get every human on this planet to move like a high level athlete.

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