The Functional Patterns Method

Have you ever found yourself in a bodily position or tight space that’s left your back, hips, or another place on your body stiff or gunky afterwards?

Imagine you trying getting up from a deep squat, or from an awkward angle, only to feel tight and restricted on your way back up.

This kind of thing happens to 100 percent of people at some point in their life.

Although this might be a normal thing for people to experience, it’s far from optimal.

Why does this happen to everyone in the first place? Because they are moving what they shouldn’t move on their body, and vice versa.

The circuits are scrambled in our head, so our hardware (THE BODY) deals with the negative outcomes from that bad programming.

It really doesn’t have to be this way.

It can be changed if you know how to alter your software.

How do you alter your software as a human so that you can move pain free?

What if I told you that there is a grand unified concept in training that brings all things together.

Let’s say you wanted to learn a new skill, like how to golf, run better, shoot a basketball, etc.

You would likely hire a coach to help you with your technique, but have you ever thought about how many muscles you’re actually using when you practice what you’re doing?

Have you thought about how many places in your body get in the way when you are trying to tweak your motions in space?

Do you consider how much of you body is being involved in your motions, and whether or not this can be changed for the better?

At Functional Patterns, this is exactly what we focus our attention on, and we’ve found that it’s amazing how much more a body can do when the dysfunctions in it get out of the way.

Functional Patterns as a method addresses dysfunction in the body.

We do this by understanding basic physics and human biology, and orienting our practice around principles that enable motions to happen naturally and effectively.

Believe it or not, our bodies are a traction suit.

We teach bodies how this suit works.

When people get well acquainted with this suit, it leads to amazing things.

All functional motions in the body at some point end up looking similar to one another.

There is a sequential nature involved with having muscles that propel you to move optimally in space.

This sequence is derived from nature and humans have managed to take motions from the lower animals to create an amazing form of bipedalism.

As it relates to correcting imbalances on the body, we look at the body as an interconnected system, and reposition it until we find the place that sprouts traction in all aspects of our movement.

All the repositioning we put people through at some point goes back to retracing what humans intuitively learned over millions of years.

Muscle by muscle, joint by joint, thought by thought, we restructure humans and turn them into the versions they were supposed to become.

With the use of the FP method, we can actually program better movements than the best humans ever, so long as we put awareness in the right places.

The possibilities are immense.

FP reverse engineers a degenerated population to not only bring us back to our roots as bipedal humans, but also to surpass our ancestors as we begin to understand fundamental principles with our biomechanics.

This is a radically different approach to training, which lies in stark contrast to virtually all other training methods that ingrain imbalances the more you do them.

Our approach differs because we look at the inconvenient truths no one else wants to look at in training.

If you are seeking to understand this grand unified theory of biomechanics, all roads lead to FP.