What Are Functional Patterns

Culture and Nature are the two most influential factors that shape who we are, and they also affect our health in the process.

Our health is determined by how adaptable we are to our natural environment.

The better the balanced we are with nature’s rules, the better we feel, the better we look, the longer we live.

It’s hard for many to imagine, but the physics building, planes and automobiles are built to adapt to are the same ones we have to adapt to.

Of course, there is more to it since humans are composed of biological matter, but ultimately if we want to live long and strong, we have to respect things like gravity.

It’s inescapable.

Nature dictates where we go and if we are wise enough to pay attention to the signs it gives us, we reap the benefits.

You can look at modern man to understand the damages of ignoring nature’s cues.

Basically speaking, the further our purpose detaches from natural processes, the more we deal with the negative consequences from that detachment.

This can apply to how we structure ourselves collectively as humans, but my concern is how we structure ourselves as individuals first.

Although Functional Patterns as a concept takes an integrative approach to health, as a practice it centers itself around altering biomechanics (movement) towards a more functional (economized) direction.

Why do we focus on that?

Because it gives the greatest return on investment.

Virtually all aspects of our physiology orient around biomechanics in some way shape or form.

One can actually make a case that our biomechanical state is what mostly leads us to have functional or dysfunctional physiology.

That’s actually the case Functional Patterns makes, and we have results on populations all across the board to help us legitimize our position.

Every behavior every second we are alive has a biomechanical link attached to it.

If your biomechanics on a second to second basis are dysfunctional, quite literally every aspect of your physiology will become impacted.

Imagine constantly existing intentionally instituting a sad expression on your face.

What would you default reaction be to life be then?

The odds are you would be sad most of the time.

Now what would happen if you could mechanically express functionality on every level?

That’s what Functional Patterns is about.

If you move in a way that a human was supposed to move if it was fully developed, you will have the highest likelihood of looking good, feeling good and doing that over a very long period of time.

At FP, we focus on establishing and maintaining a great relationship with gravity.

Most people only see gravity as an enemy, because they don’t know how to harmonize with it.

Fundamentally, Functional Patterns teaches you to use gravity to enhance your life.

When you alter your mechanics for the better, everything in your life gets better.

You’ll only know it when you actually do it.

A few of the benefits of having better mechanics through the only system that changes mechanics for the better:

  • Look better – People with great mechanics carry more muscle and less fat
  • Manage or completely eliminate your joint pain and stiffness – Most if not all joint pain and stiffness are the product of a body that moves inefficiently
  • Move effortlessly – Functional Patterns teaches you how to be economical with your use of muscles to move. When you understand how to structure your body, movement becomes effortless
  • Maintain your exercise regimen – Changing mechanics enables you to keep training because you won’t be in pain
  • Manage your stress  and anxiety at a foundational level – Behaviorally, your body language (biomechanics) tell you where your physiological state is. Alter the body language fundamentally with FP and you’ll alter your reactions to stress as well as your thoughts.
  • Improve energy – When your physiology isn’t oriented around repairing a  an inefficient and enflamed body, it is given the capacity to help you produce the energy you need to get through the day.
  • Improve sleep – A body that doesn’t deal well with anxiety doesn’t sleep well at night. Again, if you alter your body language (biomechanics), your reactions to stress become lessened and your ability to unwind at the end of the day becomes easier.
  • Improve libido – The muscle bound athlete who moves well has no problems with sex drive. Sex hormones have everything to do with stress and how we handle it. Good mechanics lead to more tranquility, which lead to more sexual activity.
  • Prevent diseases – Many if not most diseases are the byproduct of a poor stress response. Your movement dictates most of that response. If it’s a good response, your physiology will improve and your chances of having optimal health increase dramatically.
  • Build a real sense of self confidence – It’s what we all want at the end of the day, an you can’t feel good if you’re a prisoner to your own body. Own your problems, don’t let them own you. If you own your behaviors on a second to second basis, you will own the obstacle in your life on a second to second basis.