Culture and Nature are the two most influential factors that shape who we are, and they also affect our health in the process. Our health is determined by how adaptable we are to our natural environment. The better the balanced we are with nature’s rules, the longer and stronger we live. If you look back to Native American history, you would see that disease wasn’t that much of a problem for them, because their cultural lineage aligned to nature quite well. Modern westernized culture, on the other hand, has seemingly been on a collision course with nature, and it is the most imbalanced with nature it has ever been. New diseases and “disorders” have emerged into our lives in the recent decades and it has left people like me asking “where is all this crap coming from?” If you take an in depth analysis of the problem, you will understand that our evolutionary path to become who we are biologically, has taken a backseat in priority to this current cultural zeitgeist. Rather than walk, we drive. Rather than eat for nutritional purpose, we eat for emotional purpose. Rather than prioritize health, we prioritize material possessions that rot our brains. These dysfunctional patterns (mental and physical) are responsible for these such issues, and unless we address these issues, functionality with our bodies will be impossible. If we neglect our natural roots, our bodies are going to pay dearly for it.

It is my intention to give relevant information on how to balance yourself within the confines of what nature allows. Believe it or not, there are efficient ways in compensating for our cultural inefficiencies and bring back balance to your health. This website is dedicated on showing you how to:

  • Manage your physical pain
  • Drop body fat and build muscle through the maximization of your catabolic and anabolic systems
  • Maintain your exercise regimen
  • Manage your stress at a foundational level
  • Improve energy
  • Improve libido
  • Prevent diseases
  • Move efficiently